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Sell Parabolan Raw Powder Without Custom Issues

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LOCATION: Cranbrook, BC

TELEPHONE NUMBER: (330) 297-2905

PRIMARY CONTACT NUMBER: +1 (330) 297-2905

CLASSIFICATION: Services Offered

WARRANTY: 10-years


PRICE: C $ 1.00

AD VIEWS: (148)

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Services Offered Sell Parabolan Raw Powder Without Custom Issues in Cranbrook

Injectable steroids trenbolone hex hormones parabolan raw powder from [email protected]
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email: [email protected]
Skype: BulkRaws.Cycles
Whatsapp: +8613302972905
Quick details of Parabolan powder
Product Name:Parabolan
Alias:Parabolan; Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate,Tren Hex;
CAS Number:CAS 23454-33-3
Product Purity:99.75%
Molecular formula:C26H34O4
Molecular weight:410.55
EINECS Number:245-669-1
Melting point:90~95℃
Specific rotation:D20+41.6°(c=0.5 in ethanol)
Payment methods:western union,bitcoins,bank transfer
Shipping Express:EMS,UPS,FedEx,TNT,DHL

How to cook Parabolan raw powder into Parabolan oil solution 100mg/ml?
Recipes formula:
Parabolan raw powder
MCT oils(Medium Chain Triglyceride) / Grape seed oils/safflower oils

Injectable Trenbolone steroids raw powder available for us
Trenbolone Base Raw Powder (product purity:99.62% melting point:
Trenbolone Acetate Raw Powder (Product Purity:99.80% melting point:90-92℃)
Trenbolone Enanthate Raw Powder (Product Purity:99.78% melting point:72-78℃)
Parabolan Raw Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate Powder (Product Purity:99.70% melting point:90~95℃)
Metribolone Raw Methyltrenbolone Powder (Product Purity:99.66% Melting point:164~170ºC)

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